Akari Resource

What is Akari Resource?

Akari Resource helps effectively manage the resources available to Academic Managers at optimum costs. It facilitates scenarios to get best case outcomes by allowing managers to test alternative scenarios.

Resource Manager allows you to allocate resources effectively and work out your cost-per-student on each programme.

This product is aimed at the Course Coordinator, Programme Administrator or Head of Function. It allows the specification of various aspects of the delivery of Programmes and Modules.

Resources are generally defined as human and capital. Akari Resource links with the Institutions HR & Payroll systems to establish personnel costs and can also integrate with products such as Facilities Manager in order to map what capital resources are available. When these are mapped onto the Workloads within Akari Document then it is possible to determine delivery costs per student for both individual Modules and entire Programmes.

Akari Resource also allows Managers to play "what if" scenarios by allocating different teaching resources or combining groups in order to determine alternate delivery methodologies and costs.