Akari Document

What is Akari Document?

The core component of Akari Curriculum Management is Akari Document that allows for the specification of all aspects of Modules and Programmes including programme and Module learning outcomes. In addition Module content, reading lists, learning resources and other valuable information can be captured once and used in a variety of manners.

The user (i.e. Lecturer, Teacher or Academic Manager) has the ability to specify the detail (i.e. type, number and duration of various delivery events such as lectures and tutorials) of multiple module delivery modes in order for example to cover full-time delivery, part-time delivery or other delivery modes.

There is also the ability to clearly define and specify Module assessment schemes including constructive alignment with module learning outcomes as well as Module delivery dependencies e.g. prerequisite modules. It also allows for the association of Modules with Programme semesters and the mapping of Programme learning outcomes to their delivery via Module learning outcomes.