How can curriculum management enhance your student experience ?

29 October, 2019

How can curriculum management software enhance your Student Experience ?

It is very important to to prioritize the experience of students, because more students than ever before are entering, and attending University or College at both undegraduate and postgradute levels.

Akari Software offers support and  provides proven web-based curriculum management solutions that ensure Higher Education Institutions can better manage the development, editing, approval, capture,publication and delivery of all aspects of module and programme development

Read more on how the University of Sydney uses Akari's powerful Curriculum Management solution to support the delivery of the University's Student Experience Strategy, by placing the curriculum directly in users’ hands!

“The availability of detailed information on units of study, including learning outcomes, assessments and learning tasks will provide students will the ability to plan their studies and make our curriculum information transparent for staff.”

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), Professor Pip Pattison AO